Astigmatism (Toric) Cataract Lens Testimonials

I thank you for giving me my vision back...


James M.

The sky is so blue and flowers are truly the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen

Dear Dr. Bello,

I want to thank you for changing my life so dramatically with the Toric lens. I see so much better now. Everything is so sharp and clear. Colors are so vibrant, the sky is so blue and flowers are truly the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen.

Watching television is now a pleasure, no more squinting. I can read all of the credits and titles.

I can’t thank you enough. You have given me a truly wonderful gift, my vision without glasses. I will always be eternally grateful.

I recommend Dr. Bello to anyone who needs cataract surgery. Do not delay, Dr. Bello is an amazing surgeon. I love him for what he has given to me.


Betty S.

Betty S.

I am so happy I want to throw a party

regina-phelpsI had just recently undergone cataract surgery with Dr. Bello and had the Toric Lens implanted for my astigmatism.

I am so happy I want to throw a party. I have been in glasses since second grade- that makes it 56 years.

This has changed my life, and I could not be more thankful and elated. Dr. Bello is a GENUIS!

I also want to thank the staff for their kind care, especially Trish Rangel and Kelly Basso (Dr. Bello’s surgical coordinators). They took care of all my needs from start to finish.

If you have cataracts and astigmatism, don’t wait to call Dr. Bello now and choose the TORIC. It is well worth it.


Regina P.

Regina P.

God used you as an instrument to do my Cataract Surgery

rosa-galvanDear Dr. Bello,

God used you as an instrument to do my Cataract Surgery with the Toric lenses which helped me to see clear in the day & night time. I am 74 years old and I live here on the Northwest Side of Chicago, but I have to travel every day and night by public transportation to Cicero, Illinois. I work as a volunteer at Victory International Outreach Church. I am constantly on the streets of this community to reach out and help the hurting, and disadvantaged, people that have fallen into misfortune. If it was not for this miraculous surgery that restored my sight, I don’t know if I would be able to continue to do this work safely, since I am on the streets late at night. Dr. Bello I believe that God chose you, so that I can complete the mission that he called me to do.

I also want to thank you for the great service you gave me couple days ago when I went to your office for my annual eye exam. You have been a blessing to my life, I want to congratulate you for been nominated the "TOP DOC" You are doing a great job!

I have been telling my friends to visit your office when they need to see an eye doctor. I am very grateful to you and all your office staff because they treat me like a queen. Thank you again & God bless you all

Rosa G.

update from Rosa...

Dear Doctor Bello, thank you, for sharing with me your News Letter.

You said: Do we accept and embrace change or do we fight it?

Well...for me...when I had my Cataract Surgery...I embrace change in my life.

I want to thank God for using you as His Healing Instrument, to provided me with a pair of brand new eyes.

Thank You, Doctor Bello!

I want to encourage anyone that is thinking about the Cataract Surgery stop thinking and get one! They will have a pair of brand new eyes like me!

I know that God is with you and the (IPL) is going to help many people. Congratulation Doctor Bello!

I am sure that you, and your employees are going to have a great time in New Orleans.

You, your family, and employees are in my prayers...God bless all of you!

Sincerly, your patient Rosa G.

Rosa G.

I highly recommend Dr. Bello for anyone who wants the best eye care!

My mom had been having problems with her eyes since she injured herself back in December, 2011. She went to have her eyes checked with a doctor where she lives in Kentucky and without even having an exam she was told she had cataracts and needed to have surgery on them.

Naturally at the age of 82 she was afraid, and of course with the horror stories people were telling her about, she would not have anything done. It took me, my daughter, and my brothers four months to convince her to come up to Chicago to have her eyes taken care of.

Dr. Bello was recommended by my daughter and we are all so grateful for his care. Dr. Bello did surgery for the cataracts and gave mom two new Toric Lenses. 
The whole experience from the time you sign in when you arrive to when you leave was just wonderful.  Dr. Bello and his whole staff were all so caring and helpful. It also gave me a good feeling to see Dr. Bello's family pictures throughout his offices.

I took mom back home to Kentucky just before the fourth of July, and she is back to her old self again. She is enjoying watching television and seeing good colors, but most of all she is back to reading her books like she used to.

Thank you Dr. Bello and staff for the great care you gave to my mom. I will be seeing you myself for my eye care and I am already recommending you to everyone I talk to.

Alice C.
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