Dr. Bello’s Upcoming Retirement

Dear Loyal Patient: With a combination of joy and sadness, I am announcing my retirement from the full-time practice of ophthalmology. I will stop working full-time and cease doing surgeries as of October 1, 2014. Although I have been contemplating my eventual retirement from the practice of medicine, that date has been accelerated because I have found an excellent physician to take over my practice: Jasmeet Dhaliwal, M.D. I am excited to introduce you to Dr. Dhaliwal, as he is an excellent physician who will maintain the high standard of excellence and service, that all have come to expect. I have seen Dr. Dhaliwal's surgical skills and they are superior!! Dr. Dhaliwal is also trained, as I am, as...
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Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

childrens-eye-careLabor Day typically marks the end of summer, and the beginning of a new school year. For some of us "older parents," we look forward to Labor Day, since we can once again return to our "normal" routine, after the kids go back to college. For younger parents, this is the time to register your children for school, which may include a current eye and health exam. Children's eye exams are usually required in first and fifth grades, for early detection of vision disorders. In this article, I will explain two of the more common childhood concerns: "lazy eye" and the appearance of...
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Save on Glaucoma Drops

glaucoma-drops-savingsRecently, Dr. Bello met with the pharmacy manager at Jewel Osco, located off Harlem and Foster, in Chicago. Dr. Bello was able to express the growing need of affordable drops, along with compliance for his glaucoma patients. Fortunately this Jewel Osco Pharmacy offers a service, MyRxCare, which saves patients both time and money. Effective Immediately:
  • All Glaucoma drops will be prescribed as a 90 day supply with 3 refills (equaling 1 full year of drops)
  • When you receive your prescription from Dr. Bello you will also receive a *discount card
  • Patients must go to the Harlem & Foster...
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Here Comes the Sun

Filled with tons of sun and fun, August has finally arrived! Typically, this is one of the hottest months of the year and, includes plenty of sunshine and humidity. That’s one of the reasons why Italians traditionally celebrate Ferragosto by heading to the beach. August is also Cataract Awareness Month. Unfortunately, one of the negative effects of the sun’s rays may contribute to the formation of cataracts. In previous columns, I have written about cataract implants, but now I will explain the cause of cataracts, and its effect on our vision. A cataract is the clouding of the natural lens. It is located behind the iris (colored part of the eye).  Over time, the lens becomes hardened and, begins...
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