Dry Eye Products

  • Oasis Eye Drops

    Oasis Eye Drops

    Oasis Eye Drops Advanced Vision Specialists is pleased to offer a unique brand of artificial tears to help ease the hassle of treating dry eyes. Dr. Bello recommends Oasis TEARS™, which are the only patented viscoadaptive, lubricating eye drops that coat,...

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  • OCuSOFT Products

    OCuSOFT Products

    OCuSOFT Products If you have dry, scratchy, or irritated eyes, the problem may not be your eyes, but rather your eyelids. Maintaining daily hygiene of your eyelids provides many benefits including reducing these symptoms. OCuSOFT products effectively removes excessive oil, pollen,...

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  • Retaine MGD Drops

    Retaine MGD Drops

    Retaine MGD Drops Retaine MGD™ is a revolutionary, preservative-free eye drop that moisturizes, lubricates, and protects moderate to severe dry eyes. It is especially designed for individuals suffering from dry eye syndrome and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Important Properties of the...

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  • Liposome Eyelid Spray

    Liposome Eyelid Spray

    Liposome Eyelid Spray Dry, scratchy, and irritated eyes may sometimes be the cause of lid dryness and redness, not just dry eye. Tears Again Advanced Liposome Spray works great for these conditions, as it treats the eyelid and dry eyes....

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