Standard Cataract Lens Testimonials

Surgery was needed to improve my vision

Am 78 years old and I have seen Dr. Bello for many years for my scheduled eye exams. Dr. Bello kept me informed on the cataracts that were progressing in both eyes and it finally came to the point last year where surgery was needed to improve my vision.

I chose the monofocal lens and Dr. Bello performed the surgery in both eyes, some weeks apart. I am very pleased with the results and now have 20/10 vision for distance. I do not need glasses for driving. My only need for glasses now is for reading fine print.

Dr. Bello and his staff walked and eased me through the entire procedure and at no point was there any pain or discomfort.

Howard Lamantia

It feels like my eyesight has been “reborn”

I recently had a cataract removed in my right eye by Dr. John Bello. This was a critical decision because I have no sight in my left eye. Today, I can happily report that the surgery was a complete success. Vision restored… no more difficulty with night vision… I can once again appreciate the beauty of colors…it feels like my eyesight has been “reborn” and I have normal intra-ocular pressure. My thanks to Dr. Bello and his caring staff not only for this procedure but for my eye care over the past fifteen years.

John Fudema
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